puzzle for toddlers- Cars, Trucks & Other Vehicles -

A funny educational puzzle game for children 1-6 years old that are interested in cars and special machinery.
Match pieces with the holes assembling jigsaw puzzles. Enjoy bonus mini games and learn more about vehicles!
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Develop skills and abilities

Edutainment is educational entertainment. Let your child have fun while improving his hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, shape and color recognition, logical and analytical thinking.

Wide variety of content

20 images with 16 vehicles with 7 difficulty levels!
4 rewarding mini games for 4 locations: forrest road, winter, city and construction site.
Has tap&hold protection from unnecessary purchases.

Unique art style

Bright and recognisable illustrations of heavy machinery and other vehicles: tractor, concrete mixer truck, snowcat, paver, forklift, etc. Funny sound effects and game mechanics.

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